#1 Long Guns Display 1

Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun

1. Double Barrel Shotgun

E.R. Tryon & Co., London, Lincoln Jeffrey

Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun

Numerous Award Markings on Barrel Divider


Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun


2. Ithaca Double Barrel Shotgun

Ithaca 12 gauge double barrel percussion shotgun

New Model

Circa 1883

Serial Number 48508

Colt Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun


3. Colt Double Barrel Shotgun

Colt Double Barrel, 12 Gauge Percussion Shotgun

Serial Number 15977

Limited number made

The gun is made of Damascus Steel.

Damascus Steel is the blending of a high and low carbon steel and using an etching solution (most times acid) to bring out the contrast.

Double Barrel Shotgun

  4. Spencer Maching Double Barrel Shotgun

Spencer Machine Co.

10 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun

Patented June 20, 1883

Serial Number 34850 1B? 4899

Barrel top marked "Spencer Machine Gun, Laminated Steel"


Kentucky Style Percussion Rifle

5. Kentucky Style Percussion Rifle

A.W. Spies

Kentucky Style, Percussion, 54 Caliber Rifle

No serial number or other markings noted

Exception figured wood stock, brass trim