#1 Long Guns Display 2

Kentucky Style Percussion Rifle

6. Kentucky Style Percussion Rifle

Unmarked Kentucky Style 40 caliber percussion rifle

No serial numbers or other marks

Brass trim, patch box, compass, and figured wood.

Kentucky Style Rifle

7. Kentucky Style Rifle

J.W. Tubbs Kentucky Style Rifle with A.W. Spies lock work

               36 Caliber, percussion rifle with brass trim.

Thought to have been a Flintlock originally

Came from Michigan to California in 1847, over the 40 mile desert.

 Circa 1750, J.M Turrs Waterloo


Double Barrel Shotgun

8. 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun

12 gauge, double barrel shotgun

Made in Belgium

Schop "Kentucky Style" Percussion Rifle

      9. Schop Percussion Rifle

Schop "Kentucky Style," percussion rifle

40 Caliber

Illegible lock work markings

Brass trim with mid-eastern style engravings,

Well figured stock and exceptionally long barrel


Shotgun Mold Pellet

10. Shotgun Pellet Mold

Shotgun Mold Pellet

Wooden Handles