#2 Long Guns Display 2

Double Barrel Shotgun


4. Double Barrel Shotgun

10 gauge, muzzle loading, percussion, double barrel shotgun

Circa 1872

"Real Twist" Damascus Steel Barrel, belonged to Sam Springer

Damascus steel is the blending of a high and low carbon steel and using an etching solution (most times acid) to bring out the contrast.

Flintlock Rifle


5. Flintlock Rifle

Tower of London, GR British Military

Flintlock Rifle

77 Caliber

Vetterli Swiss Army Rifle


6. Vetterli Swiss Army Rifle

Vetterli Swiss Army Rifle

41 Caliber Rim Fire Bolt Action

This gun was in use about 1871.

Frame marked Soc. Ind. Suisse, Syst. Uetterli

Serial Number 85903