Handguns Display 6

Percussion Double Barreled Pistol

27. Percussion Double Barreled Pistol

45 Caliber

Curved Handle

Rounded trigger guard

Some engraving

No Serial Number

Revolver Mold

28. Revolver Bullet Mold

Revolver Bullet Mold

Size 450 for a Colt Revolver

Rifle Round Ball Mold

29. Ball Mold

Rifle Round Ball Mold

Powder Horn

30. Powder Horn

Powder Horn used for a Small Game Rifle

Made of Cow's Horn

Hand Engraved

Circa 1840

A) Powder Horn<br />
B) Charger Horn

31. Powder Horn & Charger

Powder Horn

Charger Horn (6" long)

Circa 1912

Powder Horn

32. Powder Horn

Powder Horn used for Revolvers

 Carried in the pocket

Heavily engraved