Handguns Display 4

"The Protector"  Palm Pistol

16. "The Protector" Palm Pistol

"The Protector" by Mini Firearms Company

Palm Pistol

Single-shot, 25 caliber

Serial Number 2928

Five-Shot Revolver

17. T. & R. Five-Shot Revolver

T. and R. experimental gun

New center-fire, five-shot, .32 caliber

Nickel finish revolver

Circa 1878

Forerunner of H&R Firearms company

Serial Number 3


Five-Shot Hammer-less Revolver

18. Five-Shot Hammer-less Revolver

Maltby and Henley New York

Model No. 1

Circa 1894

Five-shot, .32 caliber, hammer-less, nickel plated revolver

Serial Number 16382

Popular Western Peace Officer's Firearm                                                                                



19. Bac Company Pistol

Bac Company

 Circa 1863

Slocum Sliding Sleeve

38 Rim Fire Caliber Brass and Metal

Brass Engraved Frame


French Pin Fire Revolver

20. French Pin Fire Revolver

French Pin Fire Revolver

Six-Shot estimated 25 Caliber

Hinged open trigger

Wooden grip