Handguns Display 3

Five-Shot Hammer-less Revolver

11. Five-Shot Hammer-less Revolver

Harrington and Richardson Arms Co.

38 S&W Caliber

Five-shot Hammer-less Revolver

Nickel plated metal black handle

Patents 1889 & 1895

Serial Number 88493


Five-Shot Conventional Revolver

12. Five-Shot Conventional Revolver

Hopkins and Allen, X.L. Double Action Model

32 Caliber Five-Shot Revolver

Nickel plated

Black rubber grip 


Five Shot Revolver

13. Five-Shot Revolver

Schofield nickel plated

38 S&W Caliber

Five-shot and break top revolver

Colt Automatic Pistol

14. Colt Automatic Pistol

Colt Pistol Automatic

Model 1902

.38 Caliber

"Rimbless Smokless" removable magazine

      First Self-loading pistol made by Colt


Savage Automatic Pistol

15. Savage Automatic Pistol

Savage Model 110, Automatic Pistol

Circa 1913

.32 Automatic Caliber Serial Number 33128

First handgun made by Savage Firearms Company