#2 Long Guns Display 1

Percussion Muzzleloader


1. Percussion Muzzleloader

U.S. Market, Harpers Ferry 1850

58 Caliber, Percussion Muzzleloader

U.S. Springfield Rifle


2. U.S. Springfield Rifle

U.S. Springfield Rifle

Model 1863

"Allin Conversion" to "Trapdoor Model 1970"

50/70 Caliber Cartridge

The trapdoor model was created by Springfield Arsenal Master Armorer Erskine Allin toward the end of the Civil War in an effort to update the number of percussion rifles that were available. An important aspect of this design is the fact that it was easy to operate and very inexpensive.

Swiss Military Rifle


3. Swiss Military Rifle

Waffenfabrik Bern Bolt Action Rifle

Model 1872

Serial Number 196812

Black power cartridge military rifle