Handguns Display 5

Pocket Model Pistol

21. Pocket Model Pistol

Five-shot, rim fire with ivory grips

Nickel plated

Circa 1878

Maker could be either Iver Johnson or Harington Richardson

Maufactured from 1870

Baby Hammer-less Revolver

22. Baby Hammer-less Revolver

Baby Hammer-less Revolver

Model 1319

Pearl Handle, no trigger guard

Six shot

Colt Percussion Revolver

23. Colt Percussion Revolver

Colt 1855

Root Model Five-Shot

31 Caliber, Percussion Revolver

Double Action Pepperbox

24. Double Action Pepperbox

Spragle & Marstson, New York

Patent 1849

Six-Shot, Multi-Barrel, Double Action Pepperbox

32 Caliber Percussion

Percussion Pistol

25. Percussion Pistol

Single Shot, 38 Caliber Percussion Pistol

Heavy Engraving Throughout

Double Barrel Percussion Revolver

26. Double Barrel Percussion Pistol

Unknown Maker

Double Barrel Percussion Pistol

45 Caliber, wood handle

Circa 1845

No Serial Number or Maker Noted